Our Professional Services

Business Investigation

Our Investigators are committed to find out whether staff, management or third parties have committed any kind of unlawful or unscrupulous activities. Our investigations will provide management or the board with the information it needs to make an informed decision on how to proceed in the face of alleged misconduct. In many cases the investigation will provide the information needed to take steps to ensure no future violations occur.

Infidelity Investigation

If you suspect your partner is being unfaithful, chances are you are probably correct. Experts on infidelity say that instinct seems to be the best indicator of an affair. As private investigators, our job is to provide you with information that will either confirm or rule out your suspicions. Our team of surveillance specialists will get you the answers you need. 

Child Custody Investigations

Dealing with the aftermath of a divorce can be difficult for a wide range of reasons, but it gets even more complicated when children are involved. Children often times suffer the most during this process as they are forced to live in two homes, but having an irresponsible and reckless parent can amplify this difficulty. Our child custody investigators work diligently to make sure your child is not being neglected or treated poorly while not in your custody.  

Insurance Defense Investigations

Optimum Investigations specializes in insurance defense investigations. Our clients include insurance companies, self-insured corporations, third-party administrators, risk managers, adjusters and insurance defense law firms. We have the skill and experience necessary to obtain the documented proof needed to resolve your claim. Cases are typically completed within 10 days of being assigned. Reports, videos and invoices are delivered within 48 hours upon completion of the investigation. 

Legal Investigations

Attorneys, law firms, and general counsel rely on Optimum Investigations LLC’s legal investigation services to get facts quickly and efficiently. In addition to gathering facts relevant to the issues at hand, we can find a person or witnesses, conduct an asset investigation, develop information to gain leverage in negotiations, vet expert witnesses, conduct witness interviews or help you connect the dots.

Background Checks

Optimum Investigations prides itself on providing their clients with the most complete, extensive, and up to date information available. They do this   through their sophisticated database systems allowing them to instantly access billions of records on individuals and businesses. Their experience in navigating public records repositories throughout the state and nation is unparalleled. If the information exists, Optimum Investigations will find it. 

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